Using the Subscriber Portal

Should I sign in using my work email or my personal email?

To access a subscription, you should sign in with the email address to which the subscription is assigned. In most cases the subscription was assigned by your work or school, so you will want to use your work or school email and credentials to sign in to the Subscriber Portal.

How do I access the My Visual Studio Subscribers Portal without knowing my login credentials associated with my work email?

If you're not sure what your work email or AAD credentials are, you should reach out to your network administrator. For privacy reasons, Microsoft is unable to provide information about credentials.

How do I find my admin if I have a question?

If your subscription was provided to you by your work or school, you can reach out to the administrator(s) on the agreement for assistance. You can use the 'Contact my admin' form directly from the Subscriptions Portal. For more information, check out our Contact your subscriptions administrator article.

When does my subscription expire?

Information about your subscription is available in the Subscriber Portal. Connect to to see a list of your subscriptions and to view information such as expiration dates and support information. For retail subscriptions, you can also renew your subscription from that page.

Cloud subscriptions purchased through the Visual Studio Marketplace renew automatically, so if you're using a monthly or annual cloud subscription, you don't have to worry about it expiring until you cancel it.

How do I add alternate identities to my subscription and how does this impact my Azure credits and Azure DevOps?

Adding an alternate account to your Visual Studio subscription allows you to access the subscription benefits, like Azure DevOps and Azure, with a different identity than that which the subscription is assigned to. In the past, this functionality was available only if your Visual Studio (VS) subscription was assigned to a Microsoft Account (MSA). We have extended this functionality for work or school accounts in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

This doesn't provide a copy of subscription to the other account; it only provides the ability to access the two benefits with the alternate account.

For all subscriptions, you can add a 'work or school account' so you can use that account with your benefits that require a login (VS IDE, Azure DevOps, and Azure).

Adding an alternate ID is easy. Connect to, click on 'Add alternate account', enter the email address and click 'Add'. For more information on using alternate identities, check out our Alternate identities article.