Organization trends

You can view organizational insights in Organization trends within the Microsoft Viva Insights app. These insights are available to users with either group manager access enabled or the Insights Business Leader role assigned. To learn more about assigning roles, refer to Assign roles.

Screenshot that shows the Organization trends Outcomes page.

Group managers

As a qualifying people manager, Microsoft Viva Insights gives you visibility into leading indicators of the wellbeing, productivity, and experience for the groups in your reporting structure.


This reporting structure is defined by the organizational hierarchy confirmed by your company's Viva Insights administrator.

You can use these insights to understand current team norms and take action to create positive change. For details, refer to Admin tasks.

Business leaders

As a business leader, Viva Insights gives you a snapshot of these same wellbeing, productivity, and experience indicators for your company at large. You can use these insights to understand company-wide norms and structural practices that influence how work gets done as well as opportunities to intervene for positive change.

Data privacy

For information about data privacy and GDPR compliance in the Viva Insights app, refer to Privacy.

Admin tasks

  • The Insights Business Leader role provides access to aggregated insights covering all measured employees at the company. Refer your admin to Assign roles for details.

  • Group manager access enables insights only covering the measured employees within each user’s reporting structure as determined by Azure Active Directory or the uploaded organizational data file. For details, see Admin tasks.

Install, pin, and configure the app

After your admin completes the Admin tasks, you can set up Organization trends in Teams. See the following articles to install, pin, and configure the app in Teams:


You can also open a web-based Viva Insights at, or through the Microsoft 365 App Launcher menu at

In addition to selecting the Organization trends tab to see top recommendations and insights, you can also view Organization trends on the Home page. The card on the upper right shows an insight from one of the Organization trends outcomes. To learn more about the insight, select Explore more.


To investigate more about an outcome, select it to see more details.


To provide feedback as you use Viva Insights, select Yes or No for the "Is this helpful" question near the end of every insight and every page.

Employee experience Power BI report

To get additional employee experience insights, you can download the Employee experience Power BI report. Learn more about the report, which you can find in Organization trends Recommendations section, in this article: Employee experience.