The Viva Insights app is being redesigned over the coming weeks. Here's an overview of what's changing: Viva Insights app redesign.

If you don't yet see the new app experience, find previous documentation at this link: Viva Insights Home.

In the Microsoft Viva Insights app, use the Home tab to discover key wellbeing, productivity, and teamwork insights and actions. Here, we highlight insights and actions that give you the most value in the flow of work. You'll find these sections on your Home tab:

  • Recommended for you
  • Your progress
  • Inspiration library


If you're an organizational leader, meaning you're assigned the Insights Business Leader role or your admin has enabled manager access for you, you'll also find an Insights for your organization section at the top of your Home tab. We talk about organization insights later on, in For managers and leaders.

Recommended for you curates content from across the Viva Insights app to highlight actions and insights for individuals. From here, you can:

Screenshot that shows the Viva Insights Home tab's Recommended for you section.

Your progress

Use Your progress to find out how well your meetings are going, how well you're keeping quiet time work-free, how many hours of focus time you've booked, and more. If you want to change your settings for the cards here, select their Change settings link.

Screenshot that shows the Your progress section of the Viva Insights Home tab.

Inspiration library

The Inspiration library is your hub for curated wellbeing- and productivity-related content from industry experts. Learn more about the Inspiration library.

Screenshot of the Inspiration library section on the Home tab, where each article card includes an image, title, and Read link.

For managers and leaders

Applies to: people who have a premium Viva Insights license and are assigned the Insights Business Leader role or have manager access enabled

Organization insights help you understand how your organizations—the people who report to you directly or indirectly—are succeeding at work. On the Home tab, you'll find key indicators of your organization’s wellbeing, productivity, and team culture, along with features and tools to help support your teams.

Specifically, you'll find an insight related to one of the following topics each day:

  • Uninterrupted focus hours
  • Manager 1:1 meeting hours
  • Meeting hours
  • After hours collaboration
  • No meeting day impact
  • Daily connected hours
  • Focus time participation
  • Join on time rate
  • Focus time impact
  • No meeting day participation
  • Multitasking hours
  • Internal network size

All insight cards show the current week's average measure, and also provide the difference from the prior period. Here's an example:

Screenshot that shows an organization insight on the Home tab.

Screenshot that shows an organization insight card on the Home tab. The insight includes a title, subtitle, numerical indicator, increase/decrease indicator, a line graph, and a recommended action with a button to begin that action, which is to set up a no-meeting day. There's also a "Show details" link and a share icon.

To learn more about organization insights, refer to our organization insights documentation.


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