Viva Insights Home

In Microsoft Teams, select Insights (left app bar) to open the Home page for the Microsoft Viva Insights app. You can also open a web-based Viva Insights at, or through the Microsoft 365 App Launcher menu at

Screenshot that shows the Viva Insights Home page.

The Home page makes it easy to start the other Viva Insights features. You can reach some features on the top menu and others within the Home page.

On the top menu

When you select a feature on the top menu, you'll leave the Home page.

On the Home page

You use the following features on the Home page with the on-screen instructions.

  • Up-next card – View the card and its message.
  • Reflect – In How are you feeling?, select a representative image.
  • Send Praise – In Send praise to your colleagues, select Send praise.
  • Guided meditations from Headspace – In the Headspace card, select the Play button. (Alternatively, you can select from among More mindfulness exercises.)
  • Take a break – In Take a break, select Start.


Headspace is only available if you have your language is set to English in Teams. Additional languages will be supported soon. However, the Take a break option is available even if you don't have your default language set to English.

For the next three cards, you can take a quick action while remaining on the Home page. Alternatively, you can open the full feature (and leave the Home page) by selecting another option on the card – such as More insights.

  • Stay connected – Follow up on an action shown in Stay connected, such as pinning a collaborator.
  • Protect time – Take action on what's shown in Protect time, such as to book focus time for tomorrow.
  • Inspiration library – See inspirational articles within specific themes, such as wellbeing, culture, impact, and resilience.
  • Microsoft To Do – Take action on what's shown in your To Do list, such as to book a meeting.

Up-next card

On the Home page, the top card shown in the upper left alerts you in various ways based on the time of day and the events in your calendar. For example, if your lunch time (as configured in the Outlook add-in) is approaching, the Up-next card will let you know how soon:

Lunch approaching.

The card's color changes to alert you of other events, such as scheduled focus time, meetings, the switch from morning to afternoon, and for the end of your scheduled workday or Virtual commute:

Virtual commute.

Mindfulness content from Headspace

This feature offers a curated set of guided meditations and focus music from Headspace. For more information, see Headspace.

Take a break

This feature offers a one-minute "breathing break" animated experience that you can use as often as you want during your workday. To start it, select Start.

Microsoft To Do

This card shows tasks that are in your To Do list that are due today or for which a reminder for today has been set. Select All To Do tasks for today to open the Tasks app in Teams. For more information, see Microsoft To Do.

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