Viewing the Call Stack in Visual Studio


This feature is not available in Windows 10, version 1507 and later versions of the WDK.

The procedures shown in this topic require that you have the Windows Driver Kit integrated into Visual Studio. To get the integrated environment, first install Microsoft Visual Studio, and then install the Windows Driver Kit (WDK). For more information, see Windows Driver Development.

Using the Call Stack Window

To open the Call Stack window in Visual Studio, from the Debug menu, choose Windows>Call Stack. To set the local context to a particular row in the stack trace display, select and hold (or double click) the first column of the row.

Viewing the Call Stack by Entering Commands

In the Debugger Immediate Window, you can view the call stack by entering one of the k (Display Stack Backtrace) commands. If the Debugger Immediate window is not already open, from the Debug menu, choose Windows>Immediate.