WinDbg Preview - installation


Small logo on windbg preview.

This section describes how to install the WinDbg Preview debugger.

The WinDbg Preview debugger is available in the Microsoft Store. It requires Windows 10 version 1607 and later to install. To install it, open the Microsoft Store and search for "WinDbg Preview", or use the following link to navigate directly to WinDbg Preview.

Once the app is located, select it to download and install.

Check for Windows 10 updates

  1. Open the Store app.

  2. Select More... > Downloads and Updates to check for updates.

  3. On the downloads and updates page, select Get updates.

Check for Windows 11 updates

  1. Open the Store app.

  2. Select Library > Get updates.

  3. If there are updates, select Update all or choose WinDbg Preview to only update WinDbg Preview.

Debugger coexistence

WinDbg Preview coexists with the classic WinDbg debugger on the same machine, so you can work with both versions at the same time.

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