Tools for Signing Drivers

The Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK) includes the following tools that you can use to create a code-signing certificate, to sign the catalog file of a driver package, and to embed a signature in a driver file:







These tools are located in the following directories:

  • The Inf2Cat tool is located in the %WindowsSdkDir%\bin\x86 directory.

  • The other tools are located in the directories for 32-bit Windows platforms (%WindowsSdkDir%\bin\x86) and 64-bit Windows platforms (%WindowsSdkDir%\bin\x64).

Note  The Visual Studio environment variable, %WindowsSdkDir%, represents the path to the Windows kits directory where this version of the WDK is installed, for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10.

The Microsoft Windows SDK includes information about the services, components, and tools that enable you to add cryptographic security to your applications. This includes the CertMgr, MakeCert, and SignTool tools.

For more information on signing drivers and driver packages, see Driver Signing.

For information on test-signing a driver package, see Signing Drivers during Development and Test.