Get Firmware Info (Function Index 26)

This _DSM Interface for Byte Addressable Energy Backed Function Class (Function Interface 1) function retrieves information about a firmware image slot. Call Get NVDIMM-N Identification (Function Index 1) to retrieve the current slot number.

Registers are defined in the Byte Addressable Energy Backed Interface specification.



Field Byte length Byte offset Description
Firmware Slot 1 0 The firmware image slot to report information for.


Field Byte length Byte offset Register Description
Status 4 0 See _DSM Method Output.
ES Lifetime Percentage Warning Threshold 1 4 Byte 0: ES_LIFETIME_WARNING_THRESHOLD (0, 0x99) The percentage value of the warning threshold for the ES lifetime.
Version 2 4 Byte 0: SLOTX_FWVER0 (0, 0x07/0x09); Byte 1: SLOTX_FWVER1 (0, 0x08/0x0A) Firmware version of the firmware image in the specified slot.

Start Firmware Update (Function Index 22)

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