Send Firmware Update Data (Function Index 23)

This _DSM Interface for Byte Addressable Energy Backed Function Class (Function Interface 1) function sends firmware data to the device.

Registers are defined in the Byte Addressable Energy Backed Interface specification.



Field Byte length Byte offset Description
Region Length 4 0 The number of bytes being sent in this function.
Region ID 2 4 The identification of the region that is being written.
Block ID 1 6 The identification of the block being written inside the region.
Firmware Data The number specified by Region Length 7 A region-sized packet of firmware image data.


Field Byte length Byte offset Description
Status 4 0 This function can return the following Function-Specific Error Codes: 1. There is no firmware update operation in progress. 2. Invalid region size. 3. Transfer failed due to data corruption. 4. Operation timed out. 5. The firmware commit operation failed. For more information, see _DSM Method Output.


This function shall compute the CRC of the Firmware Data and compare it with FW_REGION_CRC0 (3, 0x40) and FW_REGION_CRC1 (3, 0x41). If the values don’t match, the function shall fail with Function-Specific Error Code 3. Please refer to the Byte Addressable Energy Backed Interface JEDEC standard for the CRC algorithm specification.

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