Storage Management API Classes

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Topic Description
MSFT_DedupProperties Volume deduplication properties.
MSFT_Disk Represents a Windows disk.
MSFT_DiskImage Represents a disk image.
MSFT_DiskImageToVolume Association between DiskImage and Volume.
MSFT_DiskToPartition Association between Disk and Partition.
MSFT_DiskToStorageReliabilityCounter Association between a MSFT_Disk object and the corresponding MSFT_StorageReliabilityCounter object.
MSFT_FileShareAccessControlEntry Models the subsystem's concept of an access control entry for a file share.
MSFT_FileIntegrity Represents the file integrity state for a file.
MSFT_FileServer Models the Windows operating system's concept of a file server.
MSFT_FileServerToFileShare Association between a MSFT_FileServer and its MSFT_FileShare objects.
MSFT_FileServerToVolume Association between MSFT_FileServer and eligible MSFT_Volume objects for file shares.
MSFT_FileShare Models the Windows operating system's concept of a file share.
MSFT_FileStorageTier This class provides methods to manually pin a file onto a storage tier and to unpin it.
MSFT_InitiatorId Represents an initiator identifier.
MSFT_InitiatorIdToVirtualDisk Association between InitiatorId and VirtualDisk.
MSFT_InitiatorPort Represents a Host Bus Adapter (HBA) initiator port on the host computer.
MSFT_MaskingSet Represents a masking set.
MSFT_MaskingSetToInitiatorId Association between MaskingSet and InitiatorId.
MSFT_MaskingSetToTargetPort Association between MaskingSet and TargetPort.
MSFT_MaskingSetToVirtualDisk Association between MaskingSet and VirtualDisk.
MSFT_OffloadDataTransferSetting Represents the offload data transfer (ODX) settings for a subsystem.
MSFT_Partition Represents a partition on a disk.
MSFT_PartitionToVolume Association between Partition and Volume.
MSFT_PhysicalDisk Represents a subsystem drive or spindle.
MSFT_PhysicalDiskToStorageReliabilityCounter Association between a MSFT_PhysicalDisk object and the corresponding MSFT_StorageReliabilityCounter object.
MSFT_ReplicaPeer An enumerable object that represents an object in a target subsystem for which there is a replication relationship.
MSFT_ReplicationCapabilities Represents the replication capabilities of a storage subsystem.
MSFT_ReplicationGroup Represents a consistency grouping of storage replicas.
MSFT_ReplicationGroupToReplicaPeer Association between replicated groups (MSFT_ReplicationGroup to MSFT_ReplicaPeer).
MSFT_ReplicationGroupToVirtualDisk Association between an MSFT_ReplicationGroup and its MSFT_VirtualDisk objects.
MSFT_ReplicationSettings Represents the settings to be configured on a group or sync pair.
MSFT_ResiliencySetting Represents a storage pool's resiliency settings.
MSFT_SoftError Represents a soft error.
MSFT_SoftError_EmptyCache Represents an empty-cache error.
MSFT_SoftError_NotAuthenticated Represents an access-denied error.
MSFT_SoftError_NotInCache Represents a not-in-cache error.
MSFT_StorageAlertEvent Represents a storage alert event.
MSFT_StorageArrivalEvent Represents a storage arrival event. Storage arrival events are used whenever a storage object is added or created.
MSFT_StorageDepartureEvent Represents a storage departure event. Storage departure events are used whenever a storage object is removed or deleted.
MSFT_StorageDiagnoseResult Represents the result of a diagnose method call on a storage object.
MSFT_StorageEnclosure Represents a storage enclosure.
MSFT_StorageEnclosureToPhysicalDisk Association between StorageEnclosure and PhysicalDisk.
MSFT_StorageEvent Base class for representing storage events.
MSFT_StorageExtendedStatus Provides extra status information about an extrinsic method's invocation.
MSFT_StorageFaultDomain Common base class for all storage fault domain objects.
MSFT_StorageFaultDomainToStorageFaultDomain Association between an MSFT_StorageFaultDomain object and its ancestor or descendent MSFT_StorageFaultDomain objects.
MSFT_StorageJob Represents a storage job.
MSFT_StorageJobToAffectedStorageObject Association between a MSFT_StorageJob and MSFT_StorageObject objects that are affected by the job operation.
MSFT_StorageModificationEvent Represents a storage modification event. Storage modification events are used when the underlying state of an object has changed.
MSFT_StorageNode Represents a storage node in a cluster.
MSFT_StorageNodeToDisk Association between MSFT_StorageNode and MSFT_Disk.
MSFT_StorageNodeToPhysicalDisk Association between a MSFT_StorageNode and a MSFT_PhysicalDisk.
MSFT_StorageNodeToStorageEnclosure Association between StorageNode and StorageEnclosure.
MSFT_StorageNodeToStoragePool Association between a storage node and a storage pool.
MSFT_StorageNodeToVirtualDisk Association between a storage node and a virtual disk.
MSFT_StorageNodeToVolume Association between MSFT_StorageNode and MSFT_Volume.
MSFT_StorageObject MSFT_StorageObject is the base class for all storage object classes.
MSFT_StoragePool Represents a logical grouping of physical disks that may be used to create virtual disks.
MSFT_StoragePoolToPhysicalDisk Association between StoragePool and PhysicalDisk. Primordial storage pools should retain their association to all physical disks that originated from that pool. This means that if a physical disk has been added to a concrete pool, the disk should have an association with both its concrete and primordial pools.
MSFT_StoragePoolToResiliencySetting Association between StoragePool and ResiliencySetting
MSFT_StoragePoolToStorageTier Association between a storage pool and storage tiers in that pool.
MSFT_StoragePoolToVirtualDisk Association between StoragePool and VirtualDisk.
MSFT_StoragePoolToVolume Association between MSFT_StoragePool and MSFT_Volume. This association should only exist for concrete pools.
MSFT_StorageProvider Represents a storage management provider (SMP) package that manages a storage subsystem.
MSFT_StorageProviderToStorageSubSystem Association between StorageProvider and StorageSubSystem.
MSFT_StorageReliabilityCounter The MSFT_StorageReliabilityCounter class provides reliability statistics or counters reported by a storage device.
MSFT_StorageSetting Represents various operating system-wide settings related to storage management.
MSFT_StorageSubSystem Represents a storage array subsystem that exposes virtual disks and/or a computer system that exposes file server capabilities.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToDisk Association between MSFT_StorageSubSystem and MSFT_Disk.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToFileServer Association between a MSFT_StorageSubSystem and its MSFT_FileServer.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToFileShare Association between an MSFT_StorageSubSystem and its MSFT_FileShare objects.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToInitiatorId Association between StorageSubSystem and InitiatorId.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToMaskingSet Association between StorageSubSystem and MaskingSet.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToOffloadDataTransferSetting Association between StorageSubSystem and OffloadDataTransferSetting.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToPartition Association between MSFT_StorageSubSystem and MSFT_Partition.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToPhysicalDisk Association between StorageSubSystem and PhysicalDisk.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToReplicaPeer Association between an MSFT_StorageSubSystem and MSFT_ReplicaPeer.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToReplicationCapabilities Association between an MSFT_StorageSubSystem and MSFT_ReplicationCapabilities.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToReplicationGroup Association between a MSFT_StorageSubSystem and MSFT_ReplicationGroup.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToStorageEnclosure Association between StorageSubSystem and StorageEnclosure.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToStorageFaultDomain Association between MSFT_StorageSubSystem and MSFT_StorageFaultDomain.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToStorageNode Association between a storage subsystem and a storage node.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToStoragePool Association between StorageSubSystem and StoragePool
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToTargetPort Association between StorageSubSystem and TargetPort.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToTargetPortal Association between StorageSubSystem and TargetPortal.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToVirtualDisk Association between StorageSubSystem and VirtualDisk.
MSFT_StorageSubSystemToVolume Association between an MSFT_StorageSubSystem and MSFT_Volume.
MSFT_StorageTier Represents a storage tier.
MSFT_Synchronized Synchronized status of a storage object and its snapshots, clones, or mirrors.
MSFT_TargetPort Represents a target port.
MSFT_TargetPortal Represents a target portal.
MSFT_TargetPortToTargetPortal Association between TargetPort and TargetPortal.
MSFT_TargetPortToVirtualDisk Association between TargetPort and VirtualDisk.
MSFT_VirtualDisk Represents a subsystem storage volume.
MSFT_VirtualDiskToDisk Association between VirtualDisk and Disk.
MSFT_VirtualDiskToPhysicalDisk Association between VirtualDisk and PhysicalDisk. A virtual disk and a physical disk are associated when the virtual disk has data residing on the physical disk.
MSFT_VirtualDiskToReplicaPeer Association between replicated virtual disks (MSFT_VirtualDisk to MSFT_ReplicaPeer)
MSFT_VirtualDiskToStorageTier Association between a virtual disk and a storage tier.
MSFT_VirtualDiskToVirtualDisk Association between a source VirtualDisk and a target VirtualDisk.
MSFT_Volume Represents a volume on a computer.
MSFT_VolumeToFileShare Association between a MSFT_Volume and its MSFT_FileShare objects.
MSFT_VolumeToReplicaPeer Association between MSFT_Volume and MSFT_ReplicaPeer .
PS_StorageCmdlets This class is reserved for system use. Do not use.