Streaming media device driver design guide

Use the guidance in this section to design and implement drivers for devices that stream video and audio (for example, webcams and digital camcorders).

New and updated content for Windows 11, version 22H2

Background segmentation portrait mode and eye gaze stare mode driver sample



USB Video Class (UVC) camera implementation guide

New and updated content for Windows 11

Camera privacy shutters and kill switches

Privacy shutter/switch notification

Digital Window overview

Microsoft extensions to USB Video Class 1.5 specification

Create device property keys from the MS OS descriptor in USB Video Class (UVC) camera firmware

Network camera design guide

In this section

USB Video Class (UVC) camera implementation guide

USB Video Class (UVC) driver implementation checklist

Frame Server Custom Media Source

Universal camera driver design guide for Windows 10

Device firmware update for USB devices without using a co-installer

360 camera video capture

Camera intrinsics

DShow Bridge implementation guidance for UVC devices

Camera class INF file setting for Universal camera drivers

OEM guidance on settings for the Windows 10 in-box camera app

Video stabilization registry settings

Extended camera controls

Camera driver bring up guide

Camera Device Orientation

Streaming Media Samples

AVStream Minidrivers

AVStream Property Sets

Encoder Property Sets

Encoder Events

AV/C Protocol Driver Function Codes

AV/C Streaming Protocol Driver Function Codes

AV/C Streaming Constants

Video Capture Minidriver Property Sets

Video Capture Minidriver Event Sets

Device transform manager events

Windows 2000 Kernel Streaming Model Design Guide

Kernel Streaming Proxy Plug-ins

Kernel Streaming Topology Nodes

Kernel Streaming Interface Sets

Kernel Streaming Event Sets

Kernel Streaming Method Sets

Stream Class SRB Reference

DVD Decoder Minidriver Property Sets

DVD Decoder Minidriver Event Sets

COM Interfaces

Broadcast Driver Architecture Property, Event, and Method Sets

Broadcast Driver Architecture Constants

Streaming media DDI reference