Framework Queue Objects

Framework queue objects represent I/O queues, which are containers for the I/O requests that a driver receives. Each driver can create one or more I/O queues for each device. The framework queue object defines a set of event callback functions that the driver can provide and a set of object methods that the driver can call.

When the framework receives an I/O request that is directed to one of the driver's devices, the framework places the request in the appropriate I/O queue. If your driver registers one or more request handlers, the framework can notify your driver each time an I/O request is available. Alternatively, your driver can poll the I/O queue for requests.

This section includes:

Creating I/O Queues

Deleting I/O Queues

Managing I/O Queues

Using Power-Managed I/O Queues

Guaranteeing Forward Progress of I/O Operations

I/O Queue States

Example Uses of I/O Queues