Windows Factory OS manufacturing

Windows Factory OS is targeted at two use cases: factory floor and driver development.

  • For the factory floor, it can be configured to be very lightweight for fast booting and testing.
  • For development, you can add a variety of tools that let you develop and validate your drivers and test them right away.


  • Easier to build tools that work across device types: Universal Windows apps and drivers are supported in Factory OS, allowing you to create and test apps and drivers that can be used on a variety of new devices.
  • Allows a wider variety of apps and drivers to help you test your devices: With a quick configuration change, you can run apps and drivers that don't meet the Universal Windows Platform standards.
  • Fast flashing and booting: Factory OS doesn't include many packages or tools by default. Your devices can boot fast and start working right away in your test environment or factory floor.
  • More reliable, especially while developing for pre-release versions of Windows: OEMs can develop and test in a stable environment that's independent of new OS features still under development. This can avoid costly problems due to retail features impeding manufacturing tests.

Get started with Factory OS

Download the Windows System Kit

The Windows System Kit includes everything you need to build a Factory OS image.

Launch the Windows System Kit environment

To get started, mount the Windows System Kit ISO, and start the Windows System Kit Build Environment as an administrator:

E:\SetImagGenEnv.cmd {CEIPON | CEIPOFF}

Next steps

To learn what to do once you've opened the Windows System Kit environment, see Get started with a workspace.