Windows Assessment Toolkit

The Windows Assessment Toolkit helps you determine the quality of a running operating system or a set of components with regard to performance, reliability, and functionality.

The Windows Assessment Toolkit is included with the Windows ADK.

The Windows Assessment Toolkit includes the tools that you need to assess a local computer, review the results, diagnose problems, and determine how to make improvements. When you install the toolkit, you get:

  • The Windows Assessment Console. A GUI that you can use to group the assessments, create a job, run the job, and view and manage the job results. A job is a collection of one or more assessments, and their settings, that run together on a computer.

  • Assessments. A combination of .xml and binary files that induce a specific set of states on a computer, measure and record the activity, and preserve the recorded results. The results often include diagnostics and remediation information that help you determine areas that need additional investigation and corrective action.

  • The Assessment Platform. The infrastructure for developing and extending assessments, and for consistently running and displaying jobs, assessments, and results.

In This Section

Assessment Platform Command-Line Syntax

Learn how to use the AXE.exe command-line tool (installed with the Windows Assessment Toolkit) to automate jobs from a script and minimize resource usage.

Windows Assessment Console

Learn how the Windows Assessment Console works, and how you can use it to configure and run assessments on a local computer.

Windows Assessment Toolkit Technical Reference

View the assessments and the command-line syntax for the assessment platform.