Windows Performance Analyzer common scenarios

Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) can analyze issues for desktop, mobile, and IoT devices; and servers. This section includes topics that describe how to perform specific tasks using WPA.

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Windows Performance Analyzer Step-by-Step Guide

Opening an ETL file in WPA and opening WPA from an assessment. Select graphs, zoom in and out on a time interval, and highlight a selected time interval. Customizing data tables, searching and filtering data, and creating and applying a view profile are some of the many topics featured in the Step-by-Step Guide.

Open a Recording

Open any recording captured in Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) or the Assessment Platform created in WPA.

Customize a Data Table

Sort by a column, change the selection column, make a column a graphing elements, and freeze column are some of the methods described.

Highlight a Time Interval Section

Highlight a selection to keep the time interval selected even when you click a different location on the Analysis tab.

Recover a Profile

Recover profile information you forgot to save, but also save the recovered information to a new profile, which you can apply to view the corresponding analysis.

Zoom in on a Time Interval

Zoom in (repeatedly) to make a time interval in a graph bigger.

Change Column Properties

Change column properties suuch as aggregation, format, and other custom properties.

Windows Performance Analyzer

WPA Common Scenarios