Remove the Microsoft copyright

By default, the AD FS pages contain the Microsoft copyright. To remove this copyright from your customized pages, you can use the following procedure.

Screenshot that shows the login page for with the copyright at the bottom.

  1. Create a custom theme that is based on the default.

    New-AdfsWebTheme –Name custom –SourceName default
  2. Export the theme by specifying the output folder.

    Export-AdfsWebTheme -Name custom -DirectoryPath C:\CustomWebTheme
  3. Locate the Style.css file that is located in the output folder. By using the previous example, the path would be C:\CustomWebTheme\Css\Style.css.

  4. Open the Style.css file with an editor, such as Notepad.

  5. Locate the #copyright portion, and then change it to the following:

    #copyright {color:#696969; display:none;}
  6. Create a custom theme that is based on the new Style.css file.

    Set-AdfsWebTheme -TargetName custom -StyleSheet @{locale="";path="C:\customWebTheme\css\style.css"}
  7. Activate the new theme.

    Set-AdfsWebConfig -ActiveThemeName custom

Now, you should no longer see the copyright at the bottom of the sign-in page.

remove copyright

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