AD FS user sign-in customization

AD FS provides a number of options for administrators to customize and tailor the end-user experience to meet their corporate needs. The following page will serve as a central location for customization. You can use the table below to quickly find your customization option.

AD FS customization

Topic Description
AD FS Customization in Windows Server 2016 New customization options available for AD FS in Windows Server 2016
Change the company name Steps for displaying your companies name on the sign-in page
Change the company logo Steps for changing the logo that appears on the sign-in-page
Change the illustration Steps for changing the illustration that appears on the sign-in page
Add sign-in description Steps for adding a description to the sign-in page
Add help desk link Steps for adding a help desk link
Add home link Steps for adding a home link
Add privacy link Steps for adding a privacy link
Custom web themes Information on using custom web themes
Custom error messages Steps for customizing error messages
Home Realm Discovery Steps for customizing Home Realm Discovery
Update Password Customization Steps for enabling and customizing the update password page
Multi-factor authentication and external auth providers customization Information on using MFA and external auth providers
Customization for Localization Information on localization considerations
Removing the Microsoft copyright Steps on removing the Microsoft copyright
Customizing the display names and descriptions for authentication methods Steps on customizing display names and descriptions for authentication methods
Advanced Customization Advanced customization options using the onload.js file.