Update password customization

In some instances, users might not be able to connect to the corporate network to change their account password. This factor can be problematic especially for remote employees who might live far from the nearest corporate office. For these specific cases, the update password page can be used by only connecting to the Internet.

You can customize the update password page by providing your own description for the page.

To enable the password update page, go to AD FS Management under Endpoints. The endpoint for update password is located at the bottom under Other - /adfs/portal/updatepassword/. Once you have enabled the endpoint, you must restart the AD FS service. This must be done manually. If you expect using update password webpage externally, and when using Web Application Proxy, under the same option you need to enable it on the proxy (Enable on proxy). You can then navigate to https://<fqdn>/adfs/portal/updatepassword/ on a workplace joined device and you should see the update password page.


Customize the Update Password page description

To customize the update password page description, use the following Windows PowerShell cmdlet and syntax.

Set-AdfsGlobalWebContent -UpdatePasswordPageDescriptionText "This is the Contoso Update Password page."

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