GetConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx function

Retrieves extended information about the specified console screen buffer.


BOOL WINAPI GetConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx(
  _In_  HANDLE                        hConsoleOutput,
  _Out_ PCONSOLE_SCREEN_BUFFER_INFOEX lpConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx


hConsoleOutput [in]
A handle to the console screen buffer. The handle must have the GENERIC_READ access right. For more information, see Console Buffer Security and Access Rights.

lpConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx [out]
A CONSOLE_SCREEN_BUFFER_INFOEX structure that receives the requested console screen buffer information.

Return value

If the function succeeds, the return value is nonzero.

If the function fails, the return value is zero. To get extended error information, call GetLastError.


The rectangle returned in the srWindow member of the CONSOLE_SCREEN_BUFFER_INFOEX structure can be modified and then passed to the SetConsoleWindowInfo function to scroll the console screen buffer in the window, to change the size of the window, or both.

All coordinates returned in the CONSOLE_SCREEN_BUFFER_INFOEX structure are in character-cell coordinates, where the origin (0, 0) is at the upper-left corner of the console screen buffer.


This API does not have a virtual terminal equivalent. Its use may still be required for applications that are attempting to draw columns, grids, or fill the display to retrieve the window size. This window state is managed by the TTY/PTY/Pseudoconsole outside of the normal stream flow and is generally considered a user privilege not adjustable by the client application. Updates can be received on ReadConsoleInput.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]
Header ConsoleApi2.h (via WinCon.h, include Windows.h)
Library Kernel32.lib
DLL Kernel32.dll

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