Using the MSIX Packaging Tool in a disconnected environment

While we make it super easy for users to acquire the MSIX Packaging Tool through the Microsoft Store, we know that not everyone has access to the Store or to a connected environment where they want to perform conversions. So this topic is about using the tool in a disconnected mode. The info here applies only to our public releases; not to our Insider program releases.

Get the MSIX Packaging Tool

You can download the latest version of the offline package below.

Download 1.2024.405.0 MSIX Packaging Tool If you encounter issues with the offline copy of the packaging tool, then download the offline copy of the license for the tool below.

Offline copy of the license After you have the offline version of the tool, you can use PowerShell to add the app package and license to your machine.

Example of offline installation

PS C:\> Add-AppxProvisionedPackage -Path C:\offline -PackagePath C:\MSIX\MyPackage.msix -LicensePath C:\MSIX\MyLicense.xml

The MSIX Packaging Tool driver is delivered as a Feature on Demand (FOD) package from Windows Update, and it will fail to install if the Windows Update service is disabled on the machine, or if Windows Insider flight ring settings don't match the operating system (OS) build number of the computer.

If you're in an enterprise environment with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or Systems Center (now Microsoft Endpoint Manager), then you might need to modify your default configuration (see How to make Features on Demand and language packs available when you're using WSUS or Configuration Manager). Or just download and install the FOD manually:

IT admins can also create Side by side feature store (shared folder) to allow access to the MSIX Packaging tool driver FOD. You can find additional details at the bottom of the blog post Language pack acquisition and retention for enterprise devices.

Otherwise, if you have access to enterprise or OEM channels, then you can obtain the driver from Windows 10 Features on Demand media from one of the following sources: