MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Program

The MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Program provides early access to IT pros and developers who are interested in converting existing desktop applications into MSIX packages. The program offers you an opportunity to evaluate new features before general releases of the MSIX Packaging Tool. What’s more, you can provide feedback to help shape the tool to meet your specific business needs.


  • Windows 10, version 1809 (or later).
  • A valid Microsoft account alias to access the app from the Microsoft Store.
  • Administrator privileges on your PC to run the tool.


After joining the program, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment.

Install the MSIX Packaging Tool from the Microsoft Store here. Make you are logged in with the Microsoft account that you used to sign up for the MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Program. Next, go to the product description page and click Install to begin the installation. Insider builds are not available for offline distribution.

If the tool is already installed on your computer, check the installed version. Run the MSIX Packaging Tool, click the gear icon on the top right, and then click the About tab see the version. The app version should match the current Insider Preview build from the section below.

Current Insider Preview build

Version 1.2023.807.0

  • Improvements in entry point detection by MSIX Packaging Tool
  • Added notifications for Accelerator fixups that require manual intervention
  • Enhanced accessibility features to better support keyboard navigation, voice access, screen reader compatibility and contrast themes
  • Improvements in error reporting
  • Bug fixes and general improvements

You can find the full history of MSIX Packaging Tool release notes here.

Share your feedback

If you run into an issue while using the app, press Windows key + F to launch Feedback Hub. Provide as many details as possible regarding the issue to help us diagnose and resolve the problem. Use the category Applications > MSIX Packaging Tool to get the feedback to us directly.

You can also share feedback from within the app. Click on Settings(gear icon) on the home screen and choose Feedback tab and select the button that best represents your issue. This will directly launch Feedback Hub and fill the necessary category information on your behalf.

Feedback Hub is also a great way to share ideas and suggestions for new features that you would like to see in the app.


  1. I didn't get an email confirming my enrollment into the Insider Program.

  2. I am enrolled into the Insider Program but I don't have the Insider Preview version of the MSIX Packaging Tool on my computer.

    • Updates from the Microsoft Store are pushed gradually to users around the world, and there might be a delay in getting the automatic updates. You can trigger an update check by going to the tool page in the Store.
  3. I would like to opt-out of the MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Program.

    • We are sorry to see you leave the program. Fill the form here to unsubscribe from the program.