ImagehlpApiVersionEx function (dbghelp.h)

Modifies the version information of the library used by the application.


  [in] LPAPI_VERSION AppVersion


[in] AppVersion

A pointer to an API_VERSION structure that contains valid version information for your application.

Return value

The return value is a pointer to an API_VERSION structure.


Use the ImagehlpApiVersionEx function to indicate the version of the library with which the application was built. The library uses this information to ensure compatibility. For example, consider walking through kernel-mode callback stack frames (User and GDI exist in kernel mode). If you call ImagehlpApiVersionEx to set the Revision member to version 4 or later, the StackWalk64 function will continue through a callback stack frame. Otherwise, if you set Revision to a version earlier than 4, StackWalk64 will stop at the kernel transition.

All DbgHelp functions, such as this one, are single threaded. Therefore, calls from more than one thread to this function will likely result in unexpected behavior or memory corruption. To avoid this, you must synchronize all concurrent calls from more than one thread to this function.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header dbghelp.h
Library Dbghelp.lib
DLL Dbghelp.dll
Redistributable DbgHelp.dll 5.1 or later

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