IFaxRoutingMethods interface (faxcom.h)

The IFaxRoutingMethods dual interface is used by a fax client application to access the FaxRoutingMethod objects derived from a FaxPort object. The interface enumerates fax routing information for a specific fax port.

A FaxRoutingMethods object is a collection of FaxRoutingMethod objects.

The IFaxRoutingMethods interface includes methods that allow a fax client application to perform the following tasks.


The IFaxRoutingMethods interface inherits from the IDispatch interface. IFaxRoutingMethods also has these types of members:


The IFaxRoutingMethods interface has these methods.


The IFaxRoutingMethods::get_Count returns the number of fax routing methods associated with a FaxPort object.

The IFaxRoutingMethods::get_Item method creates a FaxRoutingMethod object for a specified fax routing method. The object allows enumeration of fax routing information for a specified FaxPort object.


When to Implement

You should not implement this interface. The Microsoft standard implementation provides complete functionality.

When to Use

Use the IFaxRoutingMethods interface to create and retrieve IFaxRoutingMethod interface pointers to FaxRoutingMethod objects. There is one FaxRoutingMethod object for each routing method associated with the specified fax port.

To create an instance of a FaxRoutingMethod object, perform the following steps. Note that a fax client application should not call the CoCreateInstance function to retrieve an IFaxRoutingMethod interface pointer.

  1. Call the CoCreateInstance function to retrieve a pointer to an IFaxServer interface.
  2. Call the IFaxServer::Connect method to connect to a fax server.
  3. Call the IFaxPort::GetRoutingMethods method to create and initialize a FaxRoutingMethods object for the fax port.
  4. Call the IFaxRoutingMethods::get_Count method and then the IFaxRoutingMethods::get_Item method to retrieve IDispatch interface pointers for each child FaxRoutingMethod object. (You can also call the IUnknown::QueryInterface method to retrieve an IFaxRoutingMethod interface pointer).
  5. Use the IDispatch interface pointer to call IFaxRoutingMethod interface methods.
  6. Call the IFaxServer::Disconnect method to disconnect from the fax server.
  7. Call the IUnknown::Release method for each FaxRoutingMethod object to allow the object to deallocate itself, and again to destroy the IFaxRoutingMethods interface pointer.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header faxcom.h

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