IDiscMaster::EnumDiscRecorders method (imapi.h)

Retrieves an enumerator for all disc recorders supported by the active disc master format.


HRESULT EnumDiscRecorders(
  [out] IEnumDiscRecorders **ppEnum


[out] ppEnum

Address of a pointer to the IEnumDiscRecorders enumerator.

Return value

S_OK is returned on success, but other success codes may be returned as a result of implementation. The following error codes are commonly returned on operation failure, but do not represent the only possible error values:


IEnumDiscRecorders is a standard COM enumerator, as documented in IEnumXXXX. Each call to Next returns an array of pointers to IDiscRecorder. Each recorder interface represents a single available recorder already associated with an underlying physical disc recorder.

The list of available recorders may change due to Plug and Play arrivals or departures, or a call to SetActiveDiscMasterFormat. An application is notified of these changes when it receives a call to IDiscMasterProgressEvents::NotifyPnPActivity. When a change occurs, the application should call this method again to retrieve a new enumerator, because each enumerator contains a snapshot of the devices supported at the time of the enumeration.

When a device is removed, its pointer and IDiscRecorder interface must remain valid even though the underlying physical device is missing. In this case, operations on an IDiscRecorder or a request to record a disc may return IMAPI_E_DEVICE_NOTPRESENT.

The MaxWriteSpeed property is updated when this method is called. The default setting is the highest available write speed.


Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header imapi.h
Library Uuid.lib
DLL Actxprxy.dll

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