IDiscMaster::RecordDisc method (imapi.h)

Burns the staged image to media in the active disc recorder.


HRESULT RecordDisc(
  [in] boolean bSimulate,
  [in] boolean bEjectAfterBurn


[in] bSimulate

Indicates whether the media is burned. If this parameter is TRUE, media in the active disc recorder is not actually burned. Instead, a simulated burn is performed. The simulation is a good test of a disc recorder, because most of the operations are performed as in a real burn. If this parameter is FALSE, then the media in the recorder is actually burned.

[in] bEjectAfterBurn

Indicates whether to eject the media after the burn. If this parameter is TRUE, the media is ejected. If this parameter is FALSE, the media is not ejected.

Return value

S_OK is returned on success, but other success codes may be returned as a result of implementation. The following error codes are commonly returned on operation failure, but do not represent the only possible error values:


This method returns when the burn is complete, although progress callbacks are made if registered with the ProgressAdvise method. Any errors cause this method to return, with little or no corrective action on the part of this method.

The staged image data is not valid after a call to RecordDisc. This allows the application to perform either a simulated or actual burn of the media. For security, the contents of the stash file are cleared automatically after successful completion of the first call to this method. A disc must be restaged to burn it again.

The RecordDisc method expects to work with blank media for audio. Otherwise, the media may need to be erased (for example, CD-RW media in a CD-RW drive). See IDiscRecorder::Erase.

The SetActiveDiscRecorder method determines if there is an IMAPI multi-session disc in the active drive upon setting. If so, IMAPI goes into multi-session mode automatically. If in multi-session mode and a call is made to RecordDisc, the same disc that established multi-session mode must be in the active recorder or an error code of IMAPI_E_WRONGDISC will be returned.


Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header imapi.h
Library Uuid.lib
DLL Actxprxy.dll

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