IOpcFactory interface (msopc.h)

Creates Packaging API objects and provides support for saving and loading packages. Objects that are created by IOpcFactory interface methods provide support for creating, populating, modifying, and digitally signing packages.


The IOpcFactory interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IOpcFactory also has these types of members:


The IOpcFactory interface has these methods.


Creates a digital signature manager object for a package object.

Creates a package object that represents an empty package.

Creates an OPC URI object that represents the root of a package.

Creates a part URI object that represents a part name.

Creates a stream over a file.

Deserializes package data from a stream and creates a package object to represent the package being read.

Serializes a package that is represented by a package object.


Do not use a stream to serialize package data when the same stream is being used to deserialize a package; attempting to do so may result in undefined behavior.

To use the Packaging API, the package must map to a ZIP archive as specified in the ECMA-376 OpenXML, 1st Edition, Part 2: Open Packaging Conventions (OPC).

To create a factory that implements the IOpcFactory interface, call the CoCreateInstance function. This factory is not tied to any particular package or Packaging API object, and it can be used for the lifetime of the application. For example code that shows how to create a factory implementing IOpcFactory, see the Getting Started with the Packaging API.

IOpcFactory Support on Previous Versions of Windows

If an application attempts to an unsupported IOpcFactory method, the E_NOTIMPL error code will be returned. For more information, see Getting Started with the Packaging API, and Platform Update for Windows Vista.

Thread Safety

Packaging objects are not thread-safe.

For more information, see the Getting Started with the Packaging API.


Minimum supported client Windows 7, Windows Vista with SP2 and Platform Update for Windows Vista [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 with SP2 and Platform Update for Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Target Platform Windows
Header msopc.h

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