SpatialAudioObjectRenderStreamActivationParams structure (spatialaudioclient.h)

Represents activation parameters for a spatial audio render stream. Pass this structure to ISpatialAudioClient::ActivateSpatialAudioStream when activating a stream.


typedef struct SpatialAudioObjectRenderStreamActivationParams {
  const WAVEFORMATEX                    *ObjectFormat;
  AudioObjectType                       StaticObjectTypeMask;
  UINT32                                MinDynamicObjectCount;
  UINT32                                MaxDynamicObjectCount;
  AUDIO_STREAM_CATEGORY                 Category;
  HANDLE                                EventHandle;
  ISpatialAudioObjectRenderStreamNotify *NotifyObject;
} SpatialAudioObjectRenderStreamActivationParams;



Format descriptor for a single spatial audio object. All objects used by the stream must have the same format and the format must be of type WAVEFORMATEX or WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE.


A bitwise combination of AudioObjectType values indicating the set of static spatial audio channels that will be allowed by the activated stream.


The minimum number of concurrent dynamic objects. If this number of dynamic audio objects can't be activated simultaneously, ISpatialAudioClient::ActivateSpatialAudioStream will fail with this error SPTLAUDCLNT_E_NO_MORE_OBJECTS.


The maximum number of concurrent dynamic objects that can be activated with ISpatialAudioObjectRenderStream.


The category of the audio stream and its spatial audio objects.


The event that will signal the client to provide more audio data. This handle will be duplicated internally before it is used.


The object that provides notifications for spatial audio clients to respond to changes in the state of an ISpatialAudioObjectRenderStream. This object is used to notify clients that the number of dynamic spatial audio objects that can be activated concurrently is about to change.


Header spatialaudioclient.h