How to Translate an Object

To translate a 2-D object is to move the object along the x-axis, the y-axis, or both. You can call either one of the following two methods to create a translation transformation.

The following code creates a translation transformation matrix that moves the square 20 units to the right along the x-axis and 10 units downward along the y-axis.

    // Create a rectangle.
    D2D1_RECT_F rectangle = D2D1::Rect(126.0f, 80.5f, 186.0f, 140.5f);

    // Draw the outline of the rectangle.

    // Apply the translation transform to the render target.
    m_pRenderTarget->SetTransform(D2D1::Matrix3x2F::Translation(20, 10));

    // Paint the interior of the rectangle.
    m_pRenderTarget->FillRectangle(rectangle, m_pFillBrush);

    // Draw the outline of the rectangle.
    m_pRenderTarget->DrawRectangle(rectangle, m_pTransformedShapeBrush);

The following illustration shows the effect of applying the translation transformation to the square, where the original square is a dotted outline and the translated square is a solid outline.

illustration of a square moved 20 units to the right along the x-axis and 10 units down along the y-axis

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