Direct2D reference

The following topics provide information about the Direct2D API.

In this section

Topic Description
D2D1 Namespace
Lists the classes, functions, and structures defined by the D2D1 namespace.
Direct2D datatypes and constants
Lists the data types and constants provided by Direct2D.
Direct2D enumerations
Lists the enumerations defined by Direct2D.
Direct2D functions
Lists the functions provided by Direct2D.
Direct2D interfaces
Lists the interfaces provided by Direct2D.
Direct2D structures
Lists the structures provided by Direct2D.
Built-in Effects
Direct2D effects provides this set of built-in effects.
HLSL Helpers
To assist effect authors in writing linkable pixel shaders, d2d1effecthelpers.hlsli defines a set of HLSL language extensions in the form of helper methods and macros.
SVG Support
Beginning in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Direct2D supports rendering color fonts that contain SVG glyph outlines, as described in the OpenType specification (see the SVG table). Beginning in Windows 10 Creators Update, Direct2D also supports rendering standalone SVG images. However, certain SVG features are disallowed within OpenType SVG fonts, and certain SVG features are currently unsupported by Direct2D.