Asynchronous Callback Methods

Media Foundation provides a consistent way to implement asynchronous methods, using a callback interface.

This section describes how to implement the callback interface and how to write asynchronous methods that use this interface. It contains the following topics.

Topic Description
Calling Asynchronous Methods How to call asynchronous methods in Media Foundation.
Implementing the Asynchronous Callback How to implement the callback method in the IMFAsyncCallback interface.
Supporting Multiple Callbacks How to support multiple callbacks within the same C++ class.
Work Queues Work queues provide an efficient way to perform asynchronous operations on another thread.
Writing an Asynchronous Method How to implement asynchronous methods in Media Foundation.
Custom Asynchronous Result Objects How to provide a custom implementation of the IMFAsyncResult interface.


IMFAsyncCallback Interface

IMFAsyncResult Interface

Media Foundation Platform APIs