Media Foundation Platform APIs

The platform layer of Media Foundation contains primitives and helper objects used by the other layers.

This section contains the following topics:

Topic Description
Initializing the Media Foundation Platform How to initialize the Media Foundation platform.
Media Foundation and COM Describes the interaction between COM and Microsoft Media Foundation, and defines some best practices to use when developing Media Foundation plug-in components.
Asynchronous Callback Methods How to call asynchronous methods and how to implement asynchronous operations in Media Foundation.
Work Queues A work queue is an efficient way to perform asynchronous operations on another thread.
Media Event Generators How to receive asynchronous events and how to raise events in Media Foundation.
Service Interfaces A service interface is a COM interface provided by one object, but exposed to the application through another object.
Activation Objects An activation object is an object that creates another object.
Presentation Clock The presentation clock generates the clock time that is used to control playback, and also to synchronous audio and video streams.


Media Foundation Architecture

Media Foundation Programming Guide