Audio/Video Playback

This section describes how to implement audio/video playback in your application, using Microsoft Media Foundation.

In this section

Topic Description
How to Play Media Files with Media Foundation
This tutorial shows how to play media files using the Media Session object.
How to Play Protected Media Files
How to play files that contain DRM-protected media.
How to Find the Duration of a Media File
How to find the duration of a media file.
Seeking, Fast Forward, and Reverse Play
This topic shows example code to manage seeking and rate changes, when using the Media Session for playback.
How to Set the Playback Stop Time
This topic describes how to set a stop time for playback when using the Media Session.
Enhanced Video Renderer
The enhanced video renderer (EVR) is a component that displays video on the user's monitor.
Streaming Audio Renderer
The streaming audio renderer (SAR) is a media sink that renders audio.
The MFPlay API is deprecated.

Media Foundation Architecture

Media Foundation Programming Guide

MPEG-4 Support in Media Foundation