Media Session

The Media Session is an object that manages data flow in the pipeline. It can be used for both playing and encoding files.

This section describes the Media Session from an architectural standpoint. It contains the following sections:

Topic Description
About the Media Session Provides an overview of the Media Session, how an application can create the Media Session, and how the Media Session manages presentation time.
Topologies A topology is an object that represents the flow of data in the pipeline.
Media Session Events Describes the events that an application might receive from the Media Session.
How to Control Presentation States Describes the Media Session transport controls: Play, Pause, and Stop.
Using Media Sources with the Media Session How to use media sources with the Media Session.
Rate Control Describes how to control playback rate.
Video Quality Management Describes improvements to the video pipeline in Windows 7.
PMP Media Session Describes how to create the Media Session inside a Protected Media Path (PMP) process.


The following topics describe how to use the Media Session in specific application scenarios:

Media Foundation Architecture