Enabled Control Attribute

This attribute specifies if the given control is enabled or disabled. Most controls appear gray when disabled.

If this bit is set, the control is created as enabled.

If this bit is not set, the control is created as disabled.

Valid Controls

All controls. The appearance of some controls that are not associated with a property, such as Bitmaps and Icons, are unaffected by setting this attribute.


Decimal Hexadecimal Constant
2 0x00000002 msidbControlAttributesEnabled



You can also use the ControlCondition table to disable or enable a control according to the value of a property or conditional statement.

You can also enable or disable a control by subscribing the control to a ControlEvent. Enter the attribute's identifier in the Attribute column and the event's identifier in the Event column of the EventMapping table.

See Control Attributes and the control you need to create under Controls.