Control Events (Windows Installer)

A ControlEvent specifies an action to be taken by the installer or a change in the attributes of one or more controls in a dialog box. For more information about ControlEvents, see ControlEvent Overview.

The following table provides links to more information about particular ControlEvents.

Control event Brief description of ControlEvent
ActionData Publishes data on the latest action.
ActionText Publishes the name of the present action.
AddLocal Notifies the installer to run features locally.
AddSource Notifies the installer to run features from their source.
CheckExistingTargetPath Notifies the installer to verify that the path can be written.
CheckTargetPath Notifies the installer to verify that the path is valid.
DirectoryListNew Notifies the DirectoryList control to create a new folder.
DirectoryListOpen Selects the directory in the DirectoryList control.
DirectoryListUp Notifies the DirectoryList control to select the parent of the present directory.
DoAction Dialog box notifies the installer to execute a custom action.
EnableRollback Used to turn rollback capabilities off and on.
EndDialog Notifies the installer to remove a modal dialog box.
IgnoreChange Published by the DirectoryList control when a folder is highlighted but not opened.
MsiLaunchApp This control event runs a specified file.Windows Installer 4.5 and earlier: Not supported.
MsiPrint Enables the user to print the contents of ScrollableText Control.Windows Installer 4.5 and earlier: Not supported.
NewDialog Notifies the installer to change a modal dialog box into another dialog box.
Reinstall Initiates a reinstallation of features.
ReinstallMode Specifies the validation mode during a reinstallation.
Remove Notifies the installer when features are selected for removal.
Reset Resets all the property values to the default values used when the dialog box was created.
RmShutdownAndRestart Use the Restart Manager to shutdown all applications that have files in use and to restart them at the end of the installation.
ScriptInProgress Displays a string while the execution script is compiled.
SelectionAction Published by SelectionTree to describe an item.
SelectionBrowse Published by SelectionTree to spawn a dialog box.
SelectionDescription Published by SelectionTree to provide a string in the Description field of the Feature Table.
SelectionNoItems Used by SelectionTree to delete text or disable buttons.
SelectionPath Published by SelectionTree to provide the path of an item.
SelectionPathOn Published by SelectionTree to indicate whether there is a path associated with a feature.
SelectionSize Published by SelectionTree control to provide the size of an item.
SetInstallLevel The installer changes installation level to a specified value.
SetProgress Published by the installer to provide installation progress.
SetProperty Sets a specified property.
SetTargetPath Notifies the installer to check and set a path.
SpawnDialog Notifies the installer to create a child of a modal box.
SpawnWaitDialog Triggers a specified dialog box.
TimeRemaining Published by the installer to provide the time remaining in the progress sequence.
ValidateProductID Sets ProductID to the full Product ID.