Selection Dialog

This modal dialog box enables users to select particular items.

A Selection Dialog box contains a SelectionTree control that publishes several ControlEvents. Commonly these ControlEvents are subscribed to by Text, Icon, or Bitmap controls that display a description, the size, the path, and the icon of the highlighted item.

There is a PushButton control on the dialog box that publishes the SelectionBrowse ControlEvent and spawns a Browse Dialog. The Browse control enables the user to select a directory.

The selection tree is populated only after the CostInitialize action and CostFinalize action are called.

A Selection dialog box is commonly used to select features. The features are listed as items in a SelectionTree control and labeled with the short string of text appearing in the Title column of the Feature table. The text string in the Description column of the Feature table is published as a SelectionDescription ControlEvent and displayed by a Text control in the Selection Dialog box. The Selection tree control also publishes the handle to the icon of the highlighted item.