Ink Segments and Alternates

A recognizer may find several ways to break an ink sample into recognition segments. Because of this, the number of recognition alternates may be staggering, even for a small ink sample.

For example, "t o g e t h e r" can yield the following results:

  • "to get her" (plus alternates for each word)
  • "to gather" (plus alternates for each word)
  • "tog ether" (plus alternates for each word)
  • "tog at her" (plus alternates for each word)
  • "together" (plus alternates for the word)

The RecognitionResult object supports efficient storage of full recognition results within the Ink object. The Ink object maps the recognition alternates to the strokes in the Ink object and may also contain other information such as baseline position, line indices, and language ranges.