InkRecognizerContext.RecognitionWithAlternates event

Occurs when the InkRecognizerContext Class has generated results after calling the BackgroundRecognizeWithAlternates Method method.


void RecognitionWithAlternates(
  [in] IInkRecognitionResult *RecognitionResult,
  [in] VARIANT               CustomData,
  [in] InkRecognitionStatus  RecognitionStatus


RecognitionResult [in]

The recognition result from the event.

CustomData [in]

The custom data for the recognition result.

For more information about the VARIANT structure, see Using the COM Library.

RecognitionStatus [in]

The recognition status as of the most recent recognition result.

Return value

This event does not return a value.


The behavior of the application programming interface (API) is unpredictable if you try to gain access to the original InkRecognizerContext object from the recognition event handler. Do not attempt to do this. Instead, if you need to do this, create a flag and set it in the Recognition event handler. Then you can poll that flag to determine when to change the InkRecognizerContext properties outside of the event handler.

This event method is defined in the _IInkEvents interface. The _IInkEvents interface implements the IDispatch interface with an identifier of DISPID_IRERecognitionWithAlternates.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
None supported
Msinkaut.h (also requires Msinkaut_i.c)

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