Address Object

The Address object represents an entity that can make or receive calls. This object exposes interfaces and methods that allow an application to perform a number of operations, such as:

  • Discover whether a specified address can support a particular set of media type needs.
  • Enumerate calls currently associated with the address.
  • Create or forward calls.
  • Get the name of the associated service provider.
  • If a media service provider exists, get interface pointers that allow detailed terminal manipulation.
  • Get and set other information, such as whether a message is waiting.

Most addresses are associated with a terminal, but this is not uniformly the case. For example, a remote TSP that provides access to equipment on a server will have an address on the local machine but not a terminal. A speakerless modem also has no terminal associated with its address.

If an address does not have an associated terminal, the ITTerminalSupport interface is not exposed on the object.

The Select an Address code example shows the basic process for acquiring an address object pointer.

See Address Object Interfaces for a list of all interfaces associated with the Address object.