TAPI Quick Start

The following is information that can help you start writing Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) applications or adding features to existing applications.

Code Samples

The samples section of the Windows SDK contains fully compilable TAPI programs in C, C++, and Visual Basic. These samples can help you understand the various functions. The exact location of the material depends on whether you have a full installation. If you have difficulty locating them, try a search for Incoming.cpp.

Code Examples

The following SDK topics describe basic TAPI operations using code examples:

Reference Page Summaries

The following topics contain reference page summaries.

Area Link
TAPI 2.x TAPI Quick Function Reference
TAPI 3.x Call and Media Controls Quick ReferenceRendezvous IP Telephony Conferencing Reference
TSPI TSPI Reference
MSPI Media Service Provider Interface (MSPI) Reference

Hyperlinked Graphics

The following topics contain hyperlinked graphics that may be useful in orienting yourself with TAPI.

TAPI Newsgroups

Usenet newsgroups can be good forums for the exchange of information and for assistance in debugging code. If you are not familiar with Usenet, type "Usenet Newsgroups" into your favorite search engine.

Microsoft hosts a number of newsgroups, including one specializing in TAPI.


In the left pane navigate to Windows Development, then to Windows SDK and choose win32.programmer.tapi.