WMI Reference

The WMI Reference contains the following topics that discuss the core features of WMI.


In addition, you can read about the Windows Management Infrastructure (MI) reference at MI Reference.

Section Description
WMI Classes Complete list of the classes defined by WMI.
WMI Providers List of preinstalled providers that can request information from, and send instructions to, WMI managed objects.
COM API for WMI Complete list of the COM interfaces used by C and C++ management applications and providers to access WMI.
Scripting API for WMI Complete list of the components of the Scripting API for WMI.
WMI and SQL WMI queries use WQL, a subset of SQL named WQL.
WMI Log Files WMI and the WMI providers create several log files that assist in troubleshooting.
WMI Security This section provides a list of objects used in security descriptors and constants used in methods that manipulate security descriptors or privileges.
WMI Command-Line Tools Syntax used by mofcomp, winmgmt, wmic, smi2smir, and wmiadap.
WMI Infrastructure Objects and Values Information about WMI return codes, events, qualifiers, Managed Object Format (MOF) syntax, performance counter types, and other data used by WMI providers, scripts, and applications.
Managed Reference for WMI Windows PowerShell Command Classes Windows PowerShell implements Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) functionality through a set of cmdlets. You can use these cmdlets to complete the end-to-end tasks that are necessary to manage local and remote computers.
See Windows PowerShell for more information.