Xamarin.Forms Map

Initialization and Configuration

The Xamarin.Forms.Maps NuGet package is required to use maps functionality in an application. In addition, accessing the user's location requires location permissions to have been granted to the application.

Map Control

The Map control is a cross-platform view for displaying and annotating maps. It uses the native map control for each platform, providing a fast and familiar maps experience for users.

Position and Distance

The Position struct is typically used when positioning a map and its pins, and the Distance struct that can optionally be used when positioning a map.


The Map control allows locations to be marked with Pin objects. A Pin is a map marker that opens an information window when tapped.

Polygons, Polylines, and Circles

Polygon, Polyline, and Circle elements allow you to highlight specific areas on a map. A Polygon is a fully enclosed shape that can have a stroke and fill color. A Polyline is a line that does not fully enclose an area. A Circle highlights a circular area of the map.


The Geocoder class converts between string addresses and latitude and longitude coordinates that are stored in Position objects.

Launch the Native Map App

The native map app on each platform can be launched from a Xamarin.Forms application by the Xamarin.Essentials Launcher class.