Microsoft Curate - Customize your buyer profile

Follow the instructions on this page to customize your buyer profile.

Step 1. Get started

Click the My Profile button to open the My Buyer Profile dialog. Basic information about your member displays:

  • ID - The unique identification number for your member.
  • Name - Your member name.
  • Partner Type - The type of partner you are.

Step 2. Update your profile

Complete the following fields:

  • Contact Name - Enter the name of the primary contact.
  • Contact Title - Enter the business title of the primary contact.
  • Phone - Enter the primary contact's phone number.
  • Email - Enter the primary contact's email address. A notification is sent to this address when the seller posts a new message in the Activity Stream.
  • Website - Enter the URL of your company's website.
  • Address/Address 2 - Enter the mailing address for the primary contact.
  • City - Enter the city in which the primary contact is located.
  • Region - Enter the state or province in which the primary contact is located.
  • Postal Code - Enter the postal (zip) code in which the primary contact is located.
  • Country - Enter the country in which the primary contact is located.
  • Company Info - Enter any additional information about your company that may be relevant.
  • Use the same information for my seller profile - Select this checkbox to use this same information when a seller is viewing your buyer profile in the Partner Center screen.

Step 3. Record your changes

When all changes have been made, click Save at the bottom of the dialog. Your changes are recorded and you are returned to the Partner Center screen.