Microsoft Curate - Explore insertion orders

The Insertion Orders screen shows you essential metrics about all insertion orders under a specific advertiser, provides quick access to each insertion order's details, and reporting options.

This document describes the Insertion Orders screen for individual advertisers.

Things you can do on this page include:

  • Navigate to insertion orders quickly using filters
  • See performance metrics
  • Drill down into line items to configure or troubleshoot
  • Create and edit insertion orders

Get to the Insertion Orders screen

To get to the Insertion Orders screen:

  • On the Advertisers screen, find the advertiser for which you want to view insertion orders and click the button in the Ins Orders column.
  • In Advertiser's Details view, click on Insertion Orders.

Filter your insertion orders

The Advanced Filters menu lets you filter for insertion orders based on Advertiser, State, Type, Insertion Order Name, Flight Start and End Date, and External Code. Click on Apply or Apply and Save As. The Apply and Save As option will save your filter for future purpose.

View stats

The metrics on the Insertion Orders screen help you quickly assess the performance and delivery of your insertion orders. These metrics are faster and more readily accessed than standard reporting data. They are cached on a regular basis and are shown whenever you open the Insertion Orders screen.

Note that these stats may not match the data from standard reporting exactly for technical reasons. For more information, see Availability of Reporting Data.


The following stats are shown for each insertion order. Note that the data always reflects the currently selected stats interval:

Stats Description
ID The unique identifier of insertion order.
Issues Setup issues that may prevent the insertion order or its associated line items from delivering.
Billing Period Insertion order's current billing period.
Curator Margin The profit a curator makes on a transaction.
Curator Revenue The amount of spend a buyer sends to the curator, net of buyer fees, if applicable. This is same as buyer media cost, exclusive of buyer fees.
Curator Margin % The percentage of profit a curator makes on a transaction.
Curator Margin eCPM The profit a curator makes on your network per 1000 impressions.
Curator Impressions The number of delivered impressions.
Type The type of the insertion order.
Today's Delivery Displays the number of impressions delivered on the current calendar day.
Order Status The status of the insertion order (Active or Inactive).
Line Items Total number of in-progress, active, and associated line items under the insertion order.
Last Hour's Delivery Displays the number of impressions delivered on the current calendar day up to the last hour.
Last 7 Days Delivery Displays the number of impressions delivered on full 7 days previous to the current calendar day, i.e., excluding today.
Yesterday's Delivery Displays the number of impressions delivered on full 24-hour period of the previous calendar day.

Modify columns

You can choose the columns that are displayed by clicking the Modify Columns button.

This opens the Modify Columns dialog. From there you can use the checkboxes to select or deselect the columns you want to display. If you want the columns to appear in a certain order, then you can drag and drop the columns at your desired location.

View insertion order details

To view advanced details about an insertion order, click the insertion order's name. See View Insertion Order Details for more information.

Search by name/ID

You can use the search field at the top of the screen to find all insertion orders whose names or IDs include a specific string of characters or numbers.

Report on insertion orders

You can initiate a report for one or more insertion orders directly from this screen. Select the checkbox for each insertion order that you want to report on and click Run Report.