Microsoft Curate - View insertion order details

The Insertion Order Details screen displays settings for a specific insertion order, essential metrics, and performance visualizations.

Getting to the Insertion Order Details Screen

From the Insertion Orders screen, click the name of the insertion order whose details you want to view. The Insertion Order Details screen will be displayed. The screen contains three main sections:

  • Settings: Provides basic information about the insertions order such as budgeting, billing, supply strategy, and reporting labels.
  • Edit: Edits an insertion order.
  • Legacy view: Switches to insertion order's legacy view.
  • Line Items: Provides a list of the line items currently associated with the insertion order.
  • Associated Objects: Provides a list of associated objects with the insertion order.

Viewing Insertion Order settings

The settings that display here are read-only and can be edited by clicking Edit at the top of the Insertion Order Details screen. For more information, see Create an Insertion Order.

Setting Description
Associated Line Items Displays line items associated with the insertion order.
Billing Displays billing code and any billing periods set up on the insertion order.
Budgeting Displays budget information associated with the insertion order.
Comments Displays comments entered for the line item.
Political Advertising If political advertising is enabled, displays the political organization associated with the insertion order, along with required disclosures and forms.
Reporting Labels Indicates whether a Trafficker, Sales Representative, and Insertion Order Type has been associated with the advertiser. If so, these labels can be used when running reports. For example, if a salesperson is associated with the insertion order, the report will be grouped by salesperson across insertion orders.
Supply Strategy Displays the insertion order's inventory type targeting, inventory lists, and viewability standard.

Viewing child object details

To view child object details:

  1. Click the Associated Objects menu on the right of the Details pane.
  2. Select the appropriate object category such as Creatives.