Network publisher video analytics

The Network Publisher Video Analytics report can be used to view video event metrics for specific publisher within your network that is more granular than the data provided in the Network Video Analytics report. This report is available to network users only.


video_content_genre video metrics are recorded for VAST creatives only.

For usage instructions, see the Example below. Note that this report requires that a publisher ID be specified as part of the URL, for example:

Time frame

The report_interval field can be set to one of the following:

  • today
  • yesterday
  • last_24_hours
  • last_48_hours
  • last_2_days
  • last_7_days
  • last_14_days
  • last_30_days
  • month_to_date
  • month_to_yesterday
  • last_available_day
  • last_7_available_days
  • last_14_available_days
  • last_30_available_days
  • last_month

Data retention period

Data in this report is retained for 420 days.


To run a report for a custom time frame, set the start_date and end_date fields in your report request. For more details about these fields, see Report Service.


Column Type Filter? Example Description
hour date no "2010-02-01 06:00:00" The hour of the auction

Note: For impressions older than 100 days, the day will be returned rather than the hour.
day date no "2010-02-01" The day of the auction.
month date no "2010-02" The month of the auction.
member_id int Yes 767 The ID of the member.
buyer_member_id int yes 567 The ID of the buying member.
buyer_member_name string no "Network" The name of the buying member.
advertiser_id int yes 728 The ID of the advertiser.
advertiser_name string no "Test" The name of the advertiser.
brand_id int yes 3 The ID of the brand associated with a creative. For imp_type_id = 6, no information is available in the brand_id field for this report. See the Seller Brand Review Report instead.
brand_name string no "Ace Hardware" The name of the brand associated with a creative. For imp_type_id = 6, no information is available in the brand_name field for this report. See the Seller Brand Review Report instead.
publisher_id int yes 6787 The number to identify the publisher.
publisher_currency string yes "USD" The currency of the publisher.
site_id int yes 194 The ID of the site.

Note: For impressions older than 100 days, the site_id will be 0.
site_name string no "Site Name" The name of the site.
deal_id int Yes 2345 The ID of the deal. For more information about negotiated deals between buyers and sellers, see Deal Service and Deal Buyer Access Service.
deal_name string No "Private deal for buyer 1085 with floor of $2.50" The name of the deal.
geo_country string yes "US" The geographic country code.
geo_country_name string no "United States" The name of the country.
placement_id int yes 546 The ID of the placement.

Note: For impressions older than 100 days, placements will be aggregated into one row with -1 as the placement_id.
placement_name string no "300x250 Business" The name of the placement.

Note: For impressions older than 100 days, placements will be aggregated into one row with "All placement data older than 100 days" as the placement_name.
placement_code string no "300x250 Business Code" The custom code for the placement.
site_domain string no The site domain of an impression.
application_id string Yes '343200656' (iOS) or
A targetable Apple App Store ID, Google Play package name, or Windows application ID.
supply_type string Yes mobile_web The seller-classified channel to denominate supply in terms of web, mobile-optimized web, and mobile app impressions. Possible values are
- "web"
- "mobile_app"
- "mobile_web"
video_playback_method string Yes "1" The playback method for the creative. See Video Playback Method below for possible values.
video_context string Yes "3" When and where the video creative plays. See Video Context below for possible values.
video_player_size_id string Yes "2" The ID of the video player width. See Player Size below for possible values.
video_delivery_type1 string No "vod" The type of streaming content delivery. For example, Video On Demand (VOD) and Live.
video_content_genre1 string No "action" The main genre of the program in which the ad will be played. For example, Action, Adventure, Biography, Business, Comedy, etc.
video_program_type1 string No "series" The higher level categorization of the video program's format on which the ad will be played. For example, Movie, Series, Special, Show, Event, Clip, etc.
video_content_rating1 string No "teens" The publisher-identified audience group for which the content is rated. For example, All, Children (7+) , Teens (13+), Young Adults (14+), or Adults (18+).
content_duration_secs int Yes 480 The length of the video content in seconds.
device_type string Yes Desktops & Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, TV, Game Consoles, Media Players, Set Top Box, and Other Devices. The type of device where the creative was set to play.
video_content_duration1 int Yes 100 The length of the video content in seconds.
video_content_language1 string No "Spanish" The language of the video program in which ad will be played. For example, Spanish.
video_content_network1 string No "AMC" The network delivering the video content. For example, 9 Story, CBC, Disney, AMC, Fox, etc.


The data for the following dimensions is only available if the publisher has implemented video taxonomy.

  • video_delivery_type
  • video_content_genre
  • video_program_type
  • video_content_rating
  • video_content_duration
  • video_content_language
  • video_content_network


Column Type Example Formula Description
imps int 2340 imps The total number of impressions.
clicks int 545 clicks The total number of clicks across all impressions.
total_convs int 90 post_click_convs + post_view_convs The total number of post-view and post-click conversions.
ctr double 0.2327836 clicks / imps * 100 The rate of clicks to impressions.
convs_rate double 0.0384413 total_convs / imps * 100 The rate of conversions to impressions.
network_revenue money 1201.13 network_revenue Network revenue booked through direct advertisers and resold to real time buyers
total_network_rpm money 2.60548314606741 (network_revenue / imps) x 1000 The network revenue per 1000 impressions.
publisher_revenue money 400.05 publisher_revenue The revenue paid out to the publisher (based on revshare or cpm).
network_profit money 801.08 (booked_revenue + reseller_revenue) - total_cost Network profit minus total cost.
network_roi double 2.94 (network_revenue / media_cost) - 1 To be deprecated. Network return on investment. Returned as a percentage, e.g., 0.94 = 94%
sold_network_rpm double 231.888 (revenue / imps) x 1000 ----- no errors The revenue per 1000 impressions that were not errors.
total_publisher_rpm money 1.6605168
(cost / imps) x 1000 The cost per 1000 impressions paid to direct and third-party publishers, including errors.
sold_publisher_rpm double 147.786 (cost / imps) x 1000 ----- no errors The cost per 1000 impressions paid to direct and third-party publishers, not including errors.
network_ppm money 9.23 (profit / imps) x 1000 To be deprecated. The profit per 1000 impressions.
imps_sold int 42500 imps_sold The number of impressions you sold to other members.
video_errors int 23 errors The total number of errors serving video impressions
ad_responses int 2340 served The number of responses delivered to the user's browser (or mediating server). A response can result in an impression, an error in player, or an auction with no impression event.

Note: An imp refers to when the video player loads the video and starts the first frame. Videos Served refers to the VAST document being served in response to a request from the video player.
imps_viewed int 30,450 imps_viewed The number of measured impressions that were viewable, per the IAB Viewability definition, which states that an impression is viewable if 50% of the pixels are in-view during 1 consecutive second.
view_measured_imps int 10,120 view_measured_imps The total number of impressions that were measured for viewability.
view_rate double 58% view_rate The percentage of impressions that were viewable out of the total number of impressions measured for viewability. (Viewed Imps / View Measured Imps)
view_measurement_rate double 45% view_measurement_rate The percentage of impressions measured for viewability out of the total number of impressions. (View Measured Imps / Imps)
total_cost money 123.45 total_cost = media_cost + data_costs + partner_fees + commissions + serving_fees + publisher_revenue The total amount of costs accrued over the reported period of time. This generally includes two types of costs, budgeted costs (media cost, data cost, partner fees, serving fees, commissions) and publisher revenue if you track publisher payouts on the platform.

Note: We have added logic to prevent double counting third-party fees during the breaking change period.
total_cost_ecpm money 123.45 (total_cost/imps) * 1,000 The total cost per 1,000 imps.
total_cost_ecpc money 123.45 total_cost/clicks The total cost per click.
total_cost_ecpa money 123.45 total_cost/conversions The total cost per conversion.
network_profit_ecpm money 123.45 ((booked_revenue + reseller_revenue - total_cost)/imps) * 1,000 Network profit per 1,000 imps.
network_profit_ecpc money 123.45 (booked_revenue + reseller_revenue - total_cost)/clicks Network profit per click.
network_profit_ecpa money 123.45 (booked_revenue + reseller_revenue - total_cost)/conversions Network profit per conversion.
network_profit_margin money 123.45 (booked_revenue + reseller_revenue - total_cost)/(booked_revenue + reseller_revenue) Network profit margin.
Average View Time int 28 sum (creative_duration * ((0.125 × starts) + (0.25 × first_quartiles) + (0.25 × second_quartiles) + (0.25 × third_quartiles) + (0.125 × completions)) / sum (starts)) An estimate for the average duration in seconds (rounded to 0 decimal places) of the creative that was viewed. This is calculated by approximating the duration watched as the mid-point between the video events (for example, a start event would estimate that 12.5% of the creative is viewed).
Average View Time Percent percentage 89% sum (((0.125 × starts) + (0.25 × first_quartiles) + (0.25 × second_quartiles) + (0.25 × third_quartiles) + (0.125 × completions))∕starts) The average view time expressed as a percentage of the total possible view time.

Video playback method

Method ID Method
0 Unknown
1 Auto-play, sound on
2 Auto-play, sound off
3 Click-to-play
4 Mouse-over
5 Auto-play, sound unknown

Video context

Method ID Method
0 Unknown
1 Pre-roll
2 Mid-roll
3 Post-roll
4 Outstream

Player size

ID Name
0 small
1 medium
2 large


Create a JSON formatted report request

$ cat video_analytics_network_publisher

POST the request to the reporting service

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies -X post -d @video_analytics_network_publisher ""

GET the report status from the report service

Make a GET call with the Report ID to retrieve the status of the report. Continue making this GET call until the execution_status is "ready". Then use the report-download service to save the report data to a file, as described in the next step.

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies ""
         "created_on":"2010-05-25 19:37:31",

GET the report data from the report download service

To download the report data to a file, make another GET call with the Report ID, but this time to the report-download service. You can find the service and Report ID in the url field of the previous GET response. When identifying the file that you want to save to, be sure to use the file extension of the "format" that you specified in your initial POST.


If an error occurs during download, the response header will include an HTTP error code and message. Use -i or -v in your call to expose the response header.

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies '' > /tmp/video_analytics_network_publisher.csv


There is a limit of 100,000 rows per report when you download them as XLSX and Excel file.