Microsoft Invest - Ad buying with Microsoft Advertising

You can manage both traditional media buys and real-time bidding through a single, unified interface. Microsoft Advertising supports all major third-party ad tags including Atlas and DFA.

Microsoft Advertising offers:

  • Seamless integration with major ad networks, exchanges, aggregators, and SSPs
  • Site list with volume and price estimates
  • Manage direct and managed media buys and auction-based buys through one simple interface
  • Built-in fraud and inventory quality protections
  • No need for contracts with each publisher or exchange

A number of other key features help Microsoft Advertising optimize your ad buying revenue and increase buying efficiency.

Single-point access to supply

Campaigns trafficked into the Microsoft Advertising platform can bid on media from various Exchanges and Aggregators, including major ad networks. You can view detailed site information for each of the available inventory sources and can target particular site lists.

Inventory quality

One of the biggest risks of buying digital media is controlling the quality of the site you serve on. Microsoft Advertising has reviewed the top domains by volume on our platform and applied any sensitive categories which we deemed fit for these sites. Inventory is targetable based on these sensitive categories.

Fly-by-wire trafficking

Because changes you make to a line item, a creative, or any other element of the interface are effective within minutes, and because our reporting feedback is usually available within a couple of hours, you can run a test campaign, get performance feedback, tweak the campaign and run it again, all within a few hours. For more detailed information, see Availability of Reporting Data

Seats and payment

Microsoft Advertising has a "seat" on major exchanges. By default, Microsoft Advertising uses this seat to purchase media, which means that Microsoft Advertising is on the hook to pay the media bill each month, and clients receive a single consolidated bill at the end of the month. Clients can also use their own seats on the exchanges (where technically possible), in which case the media bill comes directly from the exchange.