Microsoft Invest - Buying OTT video inventory

Microsoft Invest allows you to buy or sell ad inventory on OTT ("over-the-top") video properties. As part of our combined offering, OTT inventory provides direct access to OTT video supply from publishers such as ESPN, CNN, Newsy, PlutoTV, TubiTV, and many others. You can also access programmatic CTV supply on major CTV SSPs such as FreeWheel, Telaria, and SpotX. As a key element of optimized media planning, purchasing inventory on OTT content and/or CTV devices maximizes your reach to drive cost efficiencies and ROI.

OTT premium digital video:

  • is delivered via an IP-enabled device.
  • is a high-quality format available programmatically, with completion rates as high as 90%.
  • is typically consumed in a full-screen setting, with engaged viewers watching premium video content.
  • can be delivered on desktop, mobile, gaming consoles, and streaming devices as well as to Smart TVs and set-top boxes.

Microsoft Advertising offers a programmatic platform that allows for buying OTT video inventory at scale. Based on our access to Microsoft Advertising Media's extensive premium video supply sources and their audiences, we are currently developing advanced first-party/third-party programmatic audience targeting, measurement, and attribution capabilities, allowing household-level demographic and audience targeting across CTV supply.

Getting started

Currently, OTT video inventory is primarily available through Deals, and it only supports VAST video creatives. VAST video creatives wrapped in VPAID are generally not supported on OTT video inventory. Standard video reporting is available for impressions, quartiles, and completion rates. You should contact your Microsoft Advertising account manager for help with initial outreach to key publishers and deal setup.


Most of the same targeting strategies used for desktop video targeting are also applicable to OTT content and CTV devices, with the exception of viewability targeting and user-based targeting.

As a workaround for user-based targeting on CTV devices, Microsoft Advertising supports household-level targeting via IP-based demographics and audience segments across all CTV supply. For more information, see CTV Video Buying Best Practices.

Next steps

Documentation will be updated as the video product offering evolves. If you have further questions, reach out to your Microsoft Advertising account manager.