Microsoft Invest - Edit a member user

This page walks you through the steps required to edit a Member user, including contact information, peer approval requirements. Only users with the User Manager role can edit a Network User.

Step 1. Select the user

On the Member Users screen (hover over your member name in the upper-right corner of the menu bar and click Member Users), click the row of the user whose permissions you want to change to expose the User Details pane. Then click the pencil (Edit) icon.

This opens the Edit [User] dialog.

Step 2. Edit user details

In the User Details tab, make any desired changes to the user's basic information. Review and make any updates to the user's name and contact information, and the reporting decimal and numerical format. You can also decide if you want to give the user the ability to install apps - check the Admin User checkbox if you want to enable this option.

To make the user's experience as intuitive as possible, select the decimal and number formats that are conventional in the user's geographical location.


You cannot change a user's login username. To assign a new username you must create a new user. You cannot change a user's password unless you are editing the User Details for yourself. That is, you can change the password only for the user identity you used to log in.

Step 3. Edit the user's peer approval settings

In the Roles & Permissions tab, make any desired changes to the user's peer approval settings. In the Peer Approval Status field, check the User must have peer approval to activate campaigns checkbox if you want to require approval from another user on the Member before the new user's campaigns can be set to Active. If peer approval is required for the user and you would like to turn it off, uncheck the checkbox to remove this requirement.

The campaign peer approval feature allows you to require a user to get approval from another user before campaigns can be set to Active. This feature minimizes the risk of user-side errors in campaign activation and can help users identify and change settings to improve campaign performance.

Step 4. Edit the user's advertiser or publisher list

For users whose role includes Advertiser or Publisher Manager, you can also modify the list of advertisers or publishers to which that user should have access.

Step 5. Save the user

Once you have finished making any changes in both the User Details and Roles & Permissions tabs, click the Save button to save your changes and return to the Member Users screen.