Microsoft Monetize - Buying Microsoft inventory

With Microsoft Advertising Exchange, Microsoft Advertising offers exclusive programmatic access to a quality, engaged audience in a brand safe environment.

  • Owned and operated, brand-sale content including MSN, Outlook, Xbox, and Windows
  • Maximum viewability with load-on-scroll and non-scrolling placements
  • Know where all your ads are running with top level domain transparency
  • Access real users in immersive and engaging environments


Microsoft has a Creative Acceptance Policy that applies to all advertisements on all Microsoft platforms and properties. For more details, see Microsoft Windows Inventory Policies.

Targeting Microsoft inventory

To target Microsoft inventory, you need to create an inventory list that includes the Microsoft Advertising Exchange (280) advertiser. See Inventory Lists(ALI) for full details.


For Standard (Legacy) Line Item Targeting

  1. On the 3rd Party Inventory tab, select Sellers.
  2. Enter Microsoft Advertising Exchange (280).
  3. Select the Include.
  4. Click Add.

Buying from specific Microsoft publishers

Use the following documentation to learn more about buying specific Microsoft inventory: